Mr. Ogeloyinbo Bodunrin Joseph (OBJ), an aspirant for the Presidential seat in the 2017 Students’ Union election, University of Ibadan, has said that he cares less about whether or not he was endorsed by stakeholders in the Hall, emphasizing that his passion and determination to serve the Union is his driving force, which cannot be conquered by such factor like endorsement.

He made this known during an exclusive interview with MHPO/UCJ correspondent, on Friday.

“Endorsement is just a plus for a candidate contesting. When they support you and follow you to campaign, that’s just the only advantage I see. So endorsement should not be a reason why some should contest or some should feel bad not to contest. So, I don’t really care about if I was endorsed in Mellanby or not. I don’t care what the opinions of certain stakeholders are”, he affirmed.

According to OBJ, Students unionism in the University of Ibadan has not always been what it is expected of it, adding that a redefinition of what unionism is contributes part of his plans for the Union.

The 500 level student of Medicine and Surgery went further to say that the Union has involved more in struggles at the expense of imparting positively in the lives of students. He added that while protests will always be used whenever deemed fit, he said that if elected, it will not be the major priority of the Union, as imparting into individual students lives will.

“I don’t see us practising Student’s unionism. I want to redefine what students unionism is all about. As a Students’ union leader, we are to impart into students positively. There are a lot of things that we have neglected in the students’ union”, he said.

Speaking on the way forward as regards the issues faced by students on letters and cases at the level of the Students Disciplinary Committee, the Presidential aspirant said that ideally, the University management should not act as terrorist agents against students, if the Students’ Union had been doing the needful.

“The school management is not supposed to be terrorising us. If they are telling us not to do anything, how are they going to produce leaders that would go outside to speak and their voices will be heard?

“To me, it is actually nonsense and rubbish because most of them are actually not worth it. We are aware that someone wrote something on Facebook against the Vice Chancellor. What have we done to help the person? How many press conferences have we called? How many articles have we written for this person? I didn’t read any article until he was rusticated. Do we have lawyers and legal advisers that will protect students interest? Do we write this issues to newspapers?” OBJ queried.


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