Mr. Hamzat Abass Ayodeji (Comrade), a presidential aspirant in the forthcoming Students’ Union election, University of Ibadan, has said that he will never agree with the series of endorsements in his Faculty and Hall of residence, as he said those involved know how much manipulation was effected in it.

The 300 level student of Linguistics made this known in an exclusive interview with MHPO/UCJ correspondent, on Thursday.
Comrade said that as a man of integrity, he plans not to settle for less, adding that his determination to serve the Union will never be relinquished by the ‘manipulated’ endorsements.
“The system this time is funny and if care is not taken, it would get worst. I will never go by that endorsement because I know, and they know too that it was manipulated. I am a man, I don’t settle for less, I am objective and I’m very happy about that. Certain people also came to endorse me in Zik hall”, he said.
Speaking on the motive behind his aspiration, Comrade Hamzat said that with his experience of students unionism which dates back as 2008, the Students’ Union in the University of Ibadan over the years has not been what it is expected of it. He mentioned that a mass based union was the top priority in his agenda, as he intends, if given the authority, to move the Union to the realm of vibrancy.

“One thing that will always provoke a person that can do something better is seeing certain people doing it in a wrong way. So, the zeal came from there. In the light of that, what union should be is now not being seen as a union again. In the University of Ibadan, we want a vibrant union. And through my candidature,I can let University of Ibadan know that I can offer that. If not to the peak, let it start from now.
“A mass bases union is what we want, not union for a few. And through solidarity we can achieve that”, he said.
When asked to comment on the way forward as regards the Students Disciplinary Committee cases and letters which has become a usual diet among students, the presidential aspirant compared the UI SDC to a ‘law court’, as he said that it ‘is not something to be too scared of’.
He mentioned that there are several ways of killing a rat, as he proposed that the Union must strengthen the existence of the Students Advocacy Council, students must be familiar with the University students handbook, students must be given orientation of what they are to expect at the trial of the case at the level of the SDC, and the Union must also consult the appropriate bodies to that effect.

Concerning the case, who has Students consulted? How do they present their cases? Who gave them advice before going there? The Students’ Union has what we call Student Advocacy Council, mostly law students. Also, how much familiar are co-students are to student handbook? And it’s not their fault because they were not given. I got my handbook when I became a coopted member of the 5th assembly”, he said.


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