Mr. Ojo Aderemi, a Presidential aspirant for the the 2017 Students’ Union elections, University of Ibadan, has responded to rumors as regards his inexperience being a 200 level student, as he said that he is ‘technically’ mate with every 500 level student in the institution.

He made this statement during an exclusive interview with MHPO/UCJ correspondent, on Friday.

Ojo said that he should not be seen as a novice in the sphere of students unionism, as he has been involved in it as far back as 2014. He added that should he put out he Curriculum Vitae, he would have a fuller one compared to other aspirants, based on contributions and achievements in the University of Ibadan.

“I don’t think that (being a 200 level student) should spur any propaganda in an intellectual environment we live in. I am not a new student on campus and I am not new to students unionism. I entered full fledge activism in 2014. I have spent five sessions in this university, so if anyone is in 500 level, we are technically mates in the University”, he said.

On the motive behind his contest, Ojo said that he was moved by the inability of the SU to mount adequate pressure on the school management, since it is seen as the standing army expected to protect the students.

In his words, “I believe that the students union should be able to mount pressure on the management, it is supposed to be a standing army, it should not be run as a corporate organization but as a union.”

He mentioned that before his departure from the four walls of this institution, he intends to get two major problems solved, “the first thing is political orientation, education and consciousness among students, while the second is welfarism.”

Ojo further stated that Uites should shun every act of expressing loyalty and voting based on the endorsement by the stakeholders in their departments, faculties or halls of residence, adding that the reign of sentiments is the beginning of destruction.

“I am of the opinion that we should not be voted for on the basis of faculty affiliation, departmental or hall affiliation. Sometimes you can install the wrong person as a result of sentiments. We didn’t call for the endorsement, the institutions did”, he declared.

Speaking on the way forward as regards the increasing SDC cases recorded, Ojo said that “issuing SDC cases to students around especially Students’ activists is a dividend of a weak union.” He added that the resuscitation of the Students Advocacy Council is key, the orientation of students and the effective adoption of legal aid will help win cases.

“As a human right activists, there are dues you pay for it. But at least the Students’ Union should immediately pick interest in it. We need to use the Students Advocacy council, we need to have as much legal back up as much as we can and we need to orientate students”, he stated.


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