“..things are never as complicated as they seem. It is only our arrogance that prompts us to find unnecessarily complicated answers to simple problems.”—-Muhammad Yunus
It is an inherent trait in man to seek for more than he had initially planned for. Every male, female, boy, girl, man, woman, are victims of this coincidental pursuit. However, the purpose of the unintended search are of diverse reasons- for the purpose of enjoyment, seeking for trouble, quest for change, among others- some which are worth seeking for. Same applies here, at the prestigious Premier University, as applicants after deriving their status of studentship, tend to seek beyond their primary purpose, which is of course, to obtain a degree in a chosen field. We tend to seek for the development of ourselves beyond the classroom, we tend to intensify in our religious beliefs and doctrines, we tend to seek for the development of the associations, organizations or unions of which we are members. In this case, the Students’ Union is a typical example.

The Students’ Union, University of Ibadan could be referred to as the mother of all students associations or organizations on campus, as such, the head of this structure serves as the number one student on campus, as well as the constituted authority whose performance could enhance or reduce the welfare conditions of Uites. Ideally, this Union should at all times be able to find solutions to problems faced by students, by looking into ways to enhance welfare, provide security, fight injustice, promote students academic performance, among others. However, while it remains a debate whether or not the Union has been able to serve its purpose over the years, one thing has remained constant, the essence of the union cannot be substituted, ignored or overemphasized, especially in an era where students welfare are often sacrificed on the alter of other needs within the University community.

An African proverb has it that “even the best dancer on stage must retire sometimes”, meaning that now matter how good you are or how well you have done a job, a change must occur. The baton has to be passed to another individual or party, agreeing to the doctrine of the religious people that no condition is permanent. At the SU level, while the offices are constant, the occupants will change from time to time by the powers of the students. All things being equal, a year or less is what an aspirant has to display how much change he (male or female) can effect, how well he can transform the Union for the better, it is just within the space of a year for Uites to decide if they had elected the right leader or not.

Going a little backwards into the historical realm, you would agree that it was less than a year when the politicking was at its peak, as campaigns, posters, broadcasts among others were all around just like the then news of Ebola virus, especially here in Kenneth Mellanby Hall  where our them candidate, Adegoke Kehinde (Kcent), who contested against the incumbent President of the Union, Ojo Oluwanifemi. Alas, Kcent was voted by the majority to be incorrect at the expense of a project work, in which can we say has been done? Obviously, the answer revolves more around the negative. Moreover, with the era of Mr. Projectwork almost over, the political atmosphere has changed, we now engage less in the discussion of ASUU strike which is likely to occur, as said by the Chairman. We now poke our mouth into the discussion of matters related to aspirations, loyalty, supports, endorsements and campaigns.

Now that the election ban has been lifted, it is a normal for the green snakes under the green grass to crawl out of their shells. Those set of individuals who have been getting you on a regular basis, those who extend their hands of succour just to ensure that all is well with you in all ramifications, those whose level of well wishes and care seems unending, now is the moment they have been waiting for. This moment ushers in a class of two parties, on the one hand, we have those who launch ideas, aspirations, propagandas, among others and on the other hand, we have those who listen to them and at the end of the day become confused or convinced.

It is the moment of political ballyhoo where each aspirant tends to lure other students into supporting their agenda, sensible or not, using every possible means available. Their broadcasts become our daily reminders, their pictures and banners –whether print or online– stick to our memories faster than academic instructional materials due to their saturability. You see them move from one Hall to the other, one faculty to another, like refugees seeking aid. They storm our lecture rooms, seizing every opportunity they see. They begin to attend religious activities and functions better than they used to. They begin to smile at everything just to show how ‘accommodating’ they are. In short, in an era like this, they begin to strike from every angle through deceits and propaganda.

Indeed, these aspirants will do anything to ensure that you pitch your tent with them but remember that we cannot afford to make any mistake this time. It is high time we became wise in terms of decision making, it is time for Uites to showcase how intellectual they are and how reasonable they have always been perceived to be. Now is the time for Uites to take charge of the situation and not the other way round. It is best we do away with sentiments for the adoption of objectivity, in a bid to ensure the development of our Union.

Finally, in this era of political ballyhoo, Kenneth Mellanby Hall Press Organization urges greatest Uites to welcome these aspirants when they approach you, hear their plans for the union and their means to achieve them with a neutral mind, and when it is time to cast your votes, do so wisely for the fate and destiny of our dear Union lies, not on the shoulder of a young boy, but in our hands.


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