Taiye and Kehinde Adegoke, now popularly known as Cool Cent, are no doubt big-name students on campus. Taiye Adegoke is a former Public Relations Officer of the Students Union, U.I while his twin brother, Kehinde, a one-time member of the Students Representative Council of the Union is a two-time foiled contestant for the Presidency of the Students Union. Taiye and Kehinde Adegoke took the campus aback when they released their first official single, Caro, which signaled the start of their journey in the music industry. In this interview with MELLANBY HALL PRESS ORGANISATION CORESPONDENT, Olayinka Oladosu, they share their inspirations, aspirations and experience in the music industry so far.

MHPO:I am Olayinka Olayinka, the Entertainment Editor of Mellanby Hall Press Organisation. Can I meet you?
We go by the name Adegoke Taiye and Kehinde with the stage name- Cool Cent. We are 500 level students of the Faculty of Law. We hail from Ondo State and we are the first in a family of six. We like being good at whatever we do and dislike dishonesty.

MHPO: When did you guys start music?

We started unofficially in 2006 when one of our cousins came to spend the Christmas with us and he gave us the inspiration to sing.  But officially, I will say 2009 because that was when we had our first studio experience. In our first year on campus, we performed at a lot of shows including Awo and Queens halls Freshers Welcome then. Also, we performed at the Face of Pre-clinicals, 2013. One Barrister Holla, a 500 level Law student back then was our manager. He used to take us around to scout for shows for us with his influence.

MHPO: So, what happened? Why did you guys have a break from music? SU Politics?

Yea, you are right. SU politics is one reason. We also felt it could disturb our academics as Law students. So, we planned to chill till 500 level before going back fully into music. It was a deliberate attempt.

MHPO: So, you rate education above music?

Yeah, sure. Education before any other thing because education is the surest bet. In music, you cannot determine whether you will blow or not. Its grace.

MHPO: But since you guys are back in the music scene, you seem to be making waves on UI campus and off the campus.

We will say it’s God

MHPO: Suka Sounds mastered your first single, Caro. Young John produced your most recent single, Buga. No U.I artiste has done something close to this before. Now, the question people keep asking me is- “how are those guys doing it?” So, tell us your secret, please! And don’t say it’s just God o!

(Laughs) Like weve said, being the best we can at whatever we do is our thing. We will still not take away the ‘G’ factor from it. But then, hard work is key to our success too. Meeting with Suka Sounds to mix and master a job for you and then Young John to produce a track for you require some hard work on your part too. When we were about to use Suka Sounds for Caro, we had two options then because B.Banks also offered to mix that song for us but we preferred Suka Sounds because of his quality jobs. So also, while we were planning to produce Buga, we had a sealed agreement with DJ Coublon and Young John but then we decided to use Young John for some reasons. Maybe Coublon will handle our next job though. (Laughs). So, hard work, seriousness and determination made us achieve these feats.

MHPO: Hard-work and MONEY, right?

Hahahahaha! (Laughs) Of course, the money too is important. But then, these guys need to see the determination and seriousness in you before they work with you because they are also after protecting their names and will not work with the unserious type of artistes.

MHPO: Word on campus is that you guys have money. Do you have money?

(Laughs) Thats what people think. But then, we say Amen to that prayer sha because you dont reject prayers. (Laughs)

MHPO: And how much have you invested in your music career so far? Im sure people will like to know that.

Ah! Don’t let us say it oh! Because people might take it as fallacy but then we’ve spent a lot. 

MHPO: You can give us a range, you know.

(Laughs) We’ve spent millions, we will say. That’s why we enjoin our fans- both on campus and off campus- to please give a token for our efforts when they invite us for shows. Its not that we are charging them but then, our fans too need to encourage us so we can give them more of our best. On our part, we are ready to kill any show we find.

MHPO: How has the music scene on campus been treating you guys?

Nice, we will say. We’ve got support and encouragement from our fans and colleagues. Our fans keep us going. Under a week of release, Buga already has over 300 views and still counting on YouTube. We know we are aiming 1000 views and then 10,000 and so on. This is encouraging.

MHPO: Any bad experience yet? 

Bad experience? We will say “No” for now.

MHPO: So, how do you come up with your songs? And could you describe your style of music?

Our style of music is Afro Pop/RnB. We get inspired by what people want.

MHPO: So, why “Cool Cent”?

As most people know us to be “Cent” as in T-Cent and K-Cent. The “Cool” before the Cent is taken from our grandmother’s nickname- Yemi Cool. She’s so dear to us. She’s like a backbone to us and has always been there for us. So, we honoured her by using her name as part of our stage name even while she’s still alive.

MHPO: So, are you guys finally sacrificing law for music?

Not at all! If music pays off as we pray, we’ll do it for some years and go back fully into law.

MHPO: What is your opinion on entertainment in UI?

Its great; we have a lot of talented artistes. But then, its saddening that as the premier university we have not been able to produce so many A-list entertainers out there, unlike schools like Unilag and LASU. I think UItes need to take the support for our entertainers more personal. Even beyond the scope of U.I to their various destinations. Request for their songs, publicize their shows and so on; just like they do in Unilag.

MHPO: Any new project coming soon?

For now, its still Buga. We are not planning on any new project for now. But then plans may change. 

MHPO: Any words for your fans?

On behalf of ourselves and our record label, Joyland Digital, we appreciate our fans for the support thus far. We enjoin you all to keep supporting and encouraging the brand, Cool Cent. And we promise to always give you the best. By the grace of God and with your support, we can grab a Headies Award this year. Thanks to you all. We love you.

MHPO: Thank you very much for your time. I wish you the best in your careers (since you have two).

(Laughs)Thanks, bro and you too!



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