Olatunji Haleem
Mr. Abass Hamzat Ayodeji (Comrade) have placed a call through the newly elected President of the Union, Mr. Ojo Aderemi, conceding defeat in the Poll, before the official result of the election was announced, and wishing the President-elect a successful tenure.

Comrade placed the call following the count of votes in Nnamdi Azikwe Hall on Saturday, 29th April, 2017, when Ojo Aderemi won majority of the votes in the Hall.

The then Presidential aspirant wished the President-elect a successful tenure, as he said the result of the poll was the will of God.

Also in an address through his Facebook account, Comrade, he prayed for Mr. Ojo Aderemi that “may the Lord that loves minds ready to set others free grant you the divine wisdom to lead our dear Union to a greater height.”

Comrade mentioned that he was proud of other Presidential aspirants for the passion they displayed during the electioneering period. He informed Uites that while the election has ended, the work has just begun; thus, total support should be given for the success of the next administration.

“I can’t but say I am proud of myself (Comrade), Valentine and OBJ. Our passion to serve Uites is a lovely one which has registered in Uites mind that we are not cowards.

“To my dear Uites, we have all decided but much more to complement our decision is giving necessary support to our Union leaders in order to fetch us the respect our Union deserves”, he said.


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