Owoyokun Dolapo
The Faculty of Education Literary and Debating Society under the umbrella of the University of Ibadan Literary and Debating Society organised an intra-faculty debate and oratory competition on Thursday, 27th April, 2017 at the Faculty of Education Large Lecture Theatre, 2pm. The competition was organised to include a debate competition and an oratory competition between all the departments of the faculty of education and between the two in-house groups of the Faculty of Education Literary and Debating Society.

The competition was presided upon by three judges. The chief judge was Mr. Onele Peter Cole, a.k.a OPC and he was supported by Miss Opeyemi Oluwaseun and Mr. Olatunji Oluwaseun as the two other judges. The debate competition among the departments of the faculty consisted of two rounds. The first round involved a duel between pairs of the different departments with the winner in each duel qualifying for the next and final round along with the best looser. The second and the final round was an oratory competition among the qualifying departments at the end of which a winner emerged. The debate competition between the in-house groups known as Gladiators and Titans, was only one round.

At the end of the first round of debate among the pairs of the different departments, the qualifiers were the Departments of Early Childhood Education, Educational Mangement, LARIS, Guidance and Counselling and Adult Education, as best looser. In the debate competition between the Gladiators and the Titans, the Gladiators emerged winners over the Titans with 72.8% to 72.5%. 

In the final round and oratory competition, the Department of Educational Management emerged winner with 82.6%, with the Departments of Guidance and Counselling and LARIS as first and second runners up, 81.6% and 78.6%, respectively. The competition was also characterised by individual awards such as best debater, orator and speaker.


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