To many of us they need no introduction, like the Yoruba saying “Afin oun woja oja koju ma ri”. These two student achievers are very prominent figure in Mellanby and UI for their various achievements in student politics, academics and now their newly found career in Music. 
Taiwo and Kehinde Adegoke, award winning students of the faculty of Law, University of Ibadan are one of the people making Mellabites proud in every aspect of their endeavours. They have held various positions in student politics such as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Students’ Union for Taiwo Adegoke, member of the student representative council (SRC) for Kehinde Adegoke both in the 2013/2014 academic session. Kehinde Adegoke contested twice for the SU president and emerged first runner up in the 2015/2016 elections to mention just a few of their active participation in politics. They also have many awards and recognitions to their names. Their best quote is “you cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stand”. They strive to be the best in all their endeavours and dislike PRIDE.


Popularly known as Osas. He is a final year student of the department of Mathematics. A proud Mellanbite and currently the House Secretary of the students union. A position that confers on him the responsibility of being the mediator between the school management and his fellow colleagues towards making sure that their needs are met in adequacy. He has also at every level of his studies in UI held various positions and performed to expectations.

Mr Anjoola Boluwatife is a 300 level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan.  He is a prominent Mellanbite known for his eminence and versatility in public speaking and administration. It is very noteworthy to know that he was formerly the Hall Chairman of the premier hall of the University of Ibadan in the 2012/2013 academic session and he won the award for the best Hall administration in the University of Ibadan during his tenure as the hall chairman of Kenneth Mellanby hall. His likes include reading and public speaking.


Ayomide Sultan is another award winning student of the University of Ibadan. A 500 level student of the faculty of Law and also a musician who according to him has recorded the highest award winning and trending jingle in the University community He is a recipient of the “Artiste of the year” award at Ivory awards in 2015, “Mellanby Artiste of the year” 2016, and also a four consecutive time “Artiste of the year” winner in his faculty. Truly if he is described as the Messi of the musical industry within the school community, he is worth it. A proud Mellanbite who believes the hall is filled with numerous potentials and who also loves to make people happy with his music. He is indeed one of those students making the hall proud. His best quote is “life is not hard; it depends on how you play it”.


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