“He that thinketh he stands let him take heed less he falls”—Biblical Aphorism

For weeks, we were entertained by different actors on the political stage. Supporters and aspirants alike jostled for space to be seen and heard on different social media platforms. We woke up to see bants and arguments on the official SU Facebook page, propaganda flew to and fro, contenders pretending to be friends, despite unbridled animosity oozing out of their speech and conduct, we had to endure visits by these aspirants, the unnecessary handshakes we got, and even unsolicited advice.

It all came to an end last Saturday, and now, we have to endure sharp criticism, congratulatory messages that have originated from the trachea, rather than the heart, we now have to endure the brooding silence, and the abated breath, to see the downfall of some candidates, for the scavengers are ready to pounce.

Like a kinsman has rightly said, this is not the time to congratulate the victors of just concluded SU elections, but an avenue to tell them that they are welcome to resume their offices in the Kunle Adepeju building, and to tell them that the scavengers are around ready to pounce at any hint of weakness. To those who “lost” the election, it is not the time to give up, for the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that, those we call success, never give up, even when they have failed; but they are also wise enough to know the cause of their failure, and work on it. To those who were involved in the motor accident, we pray that the journey to your perfect health be smooth and fast.

It is a trite fact that the Students’ Union that we have is not what it used to be. This is not considering the declining rate of aluta, or the infidelity that has eaten the fabrics of honesty of the union. Many years back, the Students was proscribed, due to many allegations raised by those at the helms of the affairs of the school. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that although students, and their leaders at that time were quite unruly, the school management then, also deserved the treatment they got from students. Those were the days when a student was named Aluta, for his bravery, and discipline even in the face of disciplinary actions.

Now, what we cry for is intellectual aluta, aluta that can’t go beyond the bounds of the social media, e-protests that lack direction and unity. This is a clarion call to the incoming SU executives that their decisions will shape the destinies of students who are yet to gain admission into the university. This is not the time to rest on the oars, or to get drunk on the wine of victory.

Enough of listening to tales told by alumni of the school, when they pay visits to the school. We desire the end of all the rubbish that we hear on a daily basis, news of misappropriation of funds, which is always shocking, considering the fact that we are not even talking about things happening in the National Assembly. 

Unlike what we have been forced to hear since the union was reinstated, let him and she who thinks that he is above the powers of the students, and should not forget those who brought him or her into office. Those in the ‘high’ place should not forget that it was the same Nigerians that voted the Peoples’ Democratic Party into office from 1999-2011, were also the ones that voted voted them out of office.

In conclusion, let he that hath an ear, hear what is being said, for the scavengers and hunters are abroad.


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