History again repeated itself in the just concluded SU elections for Mellanby hall and seriously, it calls for a deliberation. Mellanby hall has always been politically tagged as the opposite of it motto “We lead others follow”. From at least three SU elections back in history now, Mellanby hall is yet to record a flawless victory, as the chant of victory has been long heard in the mist of the ‘lions’. History has kept on repeating itself without any break of victory.
This recently concluded SU election served as the climax of everything perceived to be wrong with our political prowess as a Hall in the university. The Hall eventually produced three candidates out of whom two were initially endorsed by the instrumentality of the stakeholder’s committee, but to our very big surprise no victory was recorded for any of the candidate. It is indeed time to look inward and seek a solution and antidote to our lion that can no more roar to subdue his opponents.

In the objective sense, our executives are worthy of plaudit for their relentless effort as to the success of the candidates produced by the hall in the election. The hall chairman showed his full support for the candidates produced by the hall. Unfortunately, these all went into the drain without any single effect.  
 I think it is high time we looked inward to figure out the causative agents of our failed political ambitions as a Hall and to me, the leading causative agents remains our POLITICAL APATHY as a Hall. Many members of the hall did not come out to vote and this consequently affected the number votes attached to the aspirants from the hall. The percentage of the people that voted in the election is nothing to write home about. We don’t exhibit the character of the other Halls like Nnamdi Azikwe Hall or Independence Hall that comes out en mass to vote for the aspirants in their halls. We are politically disoriented. This is indeed a big issue in question. We should not be hyper intellectual to the extent of neglecting our political prowess as a Hall in the University.

Another issue is UNITY. I don’t know how to describe the level of the disunity in hall currently especially in this area of politics, and it is always said that a house divided against itself will not stand. It is really an issue that put a big question mark on our claim of brotherhood, when aspirants from other halls have a very reasonable number of votes of this hall when we actually have aspirants for the same position from the hall. To me it is degrading and disgracing.     

Another issue eating deep into our political strength as a Hall in the University is the issue of cooperation with neighbouring Halls of residence like Lord Tedder Hall. We claim we are neigbours with same level of understanding, but they have proved over time that they are indeed not interested in our political success. Our AIG didn’t receive 20% of their vote not to talk of the presidential candidate, OBJ and the general secretary aspirant, MJ. It is high time we forgot about all this brotherhood issue and focus on better strategies of seeing our political ambitions as a hall come to fulfillment in the daylight.

I think we should take time to learn from Halls like Zik hall, Bello, Indy and Kuti on how they are actually orchestrating their own strategies that have earn them a lot of political strength in the University. The Zik hall for instance have successful produced two SU president just within three years, what a great history to associate with!

My final conclusion goes like this, until we look inward and muster some strength to stand and defend our motto and nature as the primus inter pares (first among others), we cannot make any head way both politically and in other spheres in the university and even more sadly we might record worse political record than the current one.    



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