“The fall of a dry leaf is a lesson to the others”— Anonymous

Last I checked, the motto of the premier hall of this great Institution is “we lead, others follow”. However, often time, this great hall has refused to heed to its motto. We have conveniently chosen to be led rather than exhibiting our true nature or better still, our supposed true nature. Just like the proverbial lion that lived all its life believing it was a sheep, (that always needs a sherpherd), that is the way Mellanby is currently. Until we regain our consciousness on who we truly are, and what we can achieve, we can never lead effectively and can never claim to be the Lion that we are.

Mellanbites, it’s high time we showed that truly we are intelligent people. There is a saying that ‘if someone has never made any mistake, that person has never tried anything new’. And the great Physicist, Albert Einstein once said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. For once and in the next students’ union election, let’s try something new and put an end to reliance on permutations or whatever as a strategy for winning election. 

The idea of endorsing a particular candidate in the hall is such that the chances of the candidate being successful are constructively and critically considered amidst his opponents, and other halls of residence. Mellanbites had this belief before the endorsement of candidates that Tedder hall, being a neighbouring hall would support them and such would be mutual, but sadly, Tedder hall showed the premier hall their sly nature. Sadly, the Mellanby Hall House Secretary aspirant did not even get 20% vote in the Hall of fame. Mellanbites, what went wrong? Even the General Secretary didn’t get the maximum support needed from the hall of fame. Does it mean that the idea of permutation that we strongly believed in was just an imagination?

In addition, Mellanbites, we claim to be intellectuals, but that does not mean other halls are anti-intellectuals. We claim to be united, but I make bold to say that our unity lies in words alone and does not reflect in our actions. Last year, when our very own Adegoke Kehinde Victor was vying for the post of Students’ Union president against the Bellite Ojo Nifemi, some Mellanbite, more than 50 still went ahead to vote for Nifemi, while in Bello Hall, less than 10 people voted for K. Cent. This question just keeps ringing in my heart, does it mean that the more than 50 people that voted for Nifemi didn’t believe in K. Cent or was it just disunity in the hall at its peak? Why is it that the same thing didn’t happen in Sultan Bello Hall? Mellanbites, something is wrong with our unity, and we need to examine it.
Furthermore, the last students’ union election conducted on the 29th of April, 2017, witnessed some Mellanbites displaying their ‘slying gifts’ once again. The two candidates endorsed whom Mellanbites promised to support with their whole heart, only had their hearts being broken by some “intellectual Mellanbites”. Mellanbites, what went wrong? If we continue in this manner, then it’s unusual we will have a representative at the Students’ Union, and that in the long run, may affect the standard and prestige of the hall amidst other halls of residence in the Institution.



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