Olatunji Haleem
Majority of students in University of Ibadan have voted Mr. Ojo Aderemi, one of the Presidential aspirants, at the just concluded executive council elections, making him emerge as the next president of the institution’s Students’ Union.

Mr. Ojo, also known as the convener of the Patriotic Intelligentsia, contested against three other aspirants; Mr. Ogeleyinbo Joseph (OBJ), Mr. Valentine and Mr. Abass Hamzat (Comrade), at the Poll on Saturday, 29th April 2017.

While OBJ had a total of 928 votes, Valentine had a total of 811 votes, Comrade had a total vote of 829 votes , and Ojo Aderemi had a total of 2,605 votes, declaring him as the President-Elect of the Union.

Mr. Ojo had earlier informed MHPO/UCJ correspondent that the Union should always stand against every form of victimisation from the University management, as it should be seen as a standing army for the students.

“I believe that the Students’ Union should be able to mount pressure on the management, it is supposed to be a standing army, it should not be run as a corporate organization but as a union”, he said.

He mentioned that his administration will look into solving the problem of victimisation, poor welfare condition and poor level of political orientation among students of the University of Ibadan.

“As a human right activists, there are dues you pay for it. But at least the Students’ Union should immediately pick interest in it. We need to use the Students Advocacy council, we need to have as much legal back up as much as we can and we need to orientate students”, he stated.


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