Amidst the twelve there must always be a Judas, is an assertion that befits the office of the health minister of Kenneth Mellanby hall for this semester which has almost come to an end. A cursory look at the several activities of the executive council for this semester affirms the fact that even right from the onset nobody needs a prophet to tell him nothing tangible will emanate from the office of the Health Minister.
Even from the unrealistic and unplanned plans he presented at the press night and manifesto night, it was evident that Mr. health minister has nothing to offer us. We are not quiet taken aback by the kind of performance put up by the health minister because nemo quo non habet (you don’t give want you don’t have). Amidst a well praised administration so far the lackadaisical attitude of the health minister still takes an obvious view on the stage and that is to say Mr. health minister, we know thy works.

This present Resonance administration came in to power officially in January, after series of campaign, manifesto night and press night which gave every candidate that makes up the resonance team today a leverage and leveled ground to present what they have in stalk for the hall as whole and several promises were made in the manifesto of each candidate which actually influenced the choice of the electorates. However, from all the candidates that successfully board the ship of the resonance team I think the promises of the health minister are bound to be aborted even right on the surface of the paper where they were boldly written. The health minister performance so far has indeed proved the assertion that you don’t really value what you get on a plata of gold, because the health minister went unopposed.

The health minister for this semester have failed even in common practice of washing of the tanks and this is one of the promises clearly stated in the manifesto. The newly installed tanks in block A were put to use without any attempt of washing them by the health minister. The last time the tanks in block C were washed was during the last administration by the former health minister. Indeed, the health minister of the resonance team has been the other side of the coin for the administration. We have not seen the health seminars promised. Even the hygiene of the hall is nothing to write home about. I even doubt if he knows how to treat a fresh wound up till now and the content of a first aid box.

The semester is almost out, but I think the health minister still has an amble time in second system to right his wrongs and to the whole Resonance team, there is still time to right some of the little wrongs and lapses seen in the administration.

Mr. Health minister has been a ghost in the current administration, of course, aside from the presence in which his vintage shirts call, and the noise he often makes from the block he resides, disturbing the peace of those reading and others asleep. Maybe he does not know the effect of lack of adequate sleep in the body. To me any excuse whatsoever, is untenable and unaccepted.

This situation is exactly why people don’t believe in any politics that lacks opposition because the electorates are left with no choice even if it is to choose between two evils.  From an objective mind, we have seen other executive members going about their functions even the long standing issue of financial transparency was solved by the quarterly financial report pasted by the current administration. But I am sorry to say that the health minister has shown himself as the Judas amidst the twelve disciples.

Notwithstanding, the health minister still has enough time to re-orientate our impression about him before the administration runs out.  


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