Year in, year out, various competitions are organized for the students of the University of Ibadan and ultimately one champion emerges. Throughout my stay in this great citadel, I’ve witnessed two major competitions; the inter-hall competition and the inter-faculty competition of which the most populated have failed to win. Based on the aforementioned, to what factors could be responsible for the success of the lesser populated who were crowned winners. Population?? Definitely a big NO!.

Citing population as a factor for success is like relating it to the world at large invariably that countries with a very high population like China, India and The United States of America should dominate the world cup and other international competition. That in Africa, Nigeria being the most populous black nation should dominate the African cup of Nations winning it on every occasion they are involved, but we know the state of our “Incredible Super Eagles”. These prove that using population as a yardstick for success is faulty in itself.

Now relating it back to our student community, describing population as a reason for success ultimately means that the plentiful faculty of Education and Faculty of Agric, The crowdy Zik and Indy Halls should be crowned champions of the Inter-faculty and interhall competitions respectively, while the sparsely populated Faculty of pharmacy and Science should just be in the competition to grace the occasion. So in what instances does population come in?
The first edition of the sport council League kicked off last week and our Chinese and Indian look alike faculties have been involved already, only managing to settle for a draw from sides with much more smaller numbers in terms of population. Come next semester, I’ll be looking forward to where they both turn out to be.

So many factors come into play when talking sport success in the university, but population is the least expected to be one of them. Never was population a factor and never will it be a factor!

Sport, especially football is one thing that brings almost all UItes together in the spirit of sportsmanship. While some faculties have over time achieved success and won trophies, some are being left in the agony of defeat and heartbreaks. Many factors have been at the centre of these different ordeals that have bestowed upon students of faculties in the school. 

One notable and most important is the Population factor and this we cannot  deny exists. To be frank with ourselves, over the years, the population of the faculty has stirred some to win the Inter-Faculty Football competition, most notably are the two previous winners, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and these faculties are very populated ones, which admit the highest number of students day in day out. Even international football and continental football, Population will not fail to decide it. Countries like Brazil are doing exploits because of their population, to the point that everyone virtually agrees football is made in Brazil, but what about the scarcely populated countries, only miracle can power shoot them to the pinnacle of success in Football.

With more population, we surely choose the best legs. We cannot specifically choose the best in a sparsely populated faculty. The total number of players the Faculty of Education or the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry will have will differ from that of the Faculties of Pharmacy and even Law. It is easier to choose from abundance than scarcity. With more, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Agriculture can choose the best of players to compete at competitions rather than lowly-populated Faculties that only choose players available at their disposal. The much populated Faculties also boost a significant and strong bench unlike others. Even when a good player is substituted, they are rest assured a good one is also coming in to fill that void professionally.

Over time, what determines the game of football is tactics and ability to be flexible with your tactics during games. Faculties with large population, because they have a wide range of players with different features, they have the ability to experiment tactics and formation. They might decide to use a different formation today, if it does not work, they pick up a new one using probably a new set of players. Faculties with large population can experiment given the many players they have. Such evidence can be seen in the English Premier League, Conte ditched the 4-2-3-1 formation for 3-4-3, because he had the players at his disposal to do that. He had the Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso in his team. 

Population is really a plus for Faculties with higher population. No matter how good the Faculties with low population are, the Faculties with higher population are better. The most important factor in University of Ibadan Faculty football competition has always been population and it will always be.


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