​Leadership is not a position, it is an art–unknown

‘A state of confusion’ probably describes the psychological planet in which I now reside, for just like a DJ mix, I think I have been filled with mixed feelings. A part of me feels alive, happy and filled with joy, while the other part of the same being feels weak, sad and depressed, like someone battling with news of an unwanted pregnancy. You might be wondering the cause of this abnormality, but it is simple, as there are causes for these effects. I feel happy and joyful because the much anticipated election of the Students’ Union, University of Ibadan for this year, 2017, had come and gone. Specifically, based on the peace and sanity that would take over our institution and personal lives again, as against what we used to have.

Before the election was conducted, I needed no alarm for the messages- broadcasts- I got per day were enough to remind me of my existence on earth. That aside, the level of deceitful love and pretentious cares circulated the University community and just like the slogan of MTN, it became a norm everywhere you go. Indeed, I am glad that normalcy shall be restored. I will now be woken by the powers of Mr. Nature and not by ‘Team This and That’. Normalcy I repeat shall see limelight again.
However I feel sad and unpleasant due to the results of the just concluded elections, as the representatives from the Premier Hall recorded loss at the poll. Most disappointing is the fact that the Malthusian theory seems to be related to the lachrymal incident that occurred. Yes, it is teary, not on a normal basis, but on the basis of shame. While I can say that Mellanby Hall as a constituency recorded 50% victory and 50% loss at the poll during the previous SU elections (where we had just two candidates), the figure increased drastically this year, in the realm of absolute loss. Of the three (3) candidates presented this year, none was able to make it into the Kunle Adepeju building.

Truly, three Mellanbites (OBJ, AIG and MJ) participated in the poll, but just two were endorsed by the Hall through the stakeholders’ forum. While OBJ’s hall of residence was debated at the level of the Stakeholders’ forum and among Mellanbites, it should be noted for the sake of knowledge that Section 3, sub-section i of Kenneth Mellanby Hall Constitution states that “a person shall be a member of Mellanby Hall if he is allocated to the Hall at the time of registration in the University.” As such, three Mellanbites aspired for three different offices, but total loss was the result, assenting to the claim of this piece that a geometric progression of loss has been recorded by Mellanby Hall, this, history shall continue to tell.
 Although Mellanby Hall can be said to be prominent in several areas such as journalism, public speaking, sporting activities and some other areas, due to the intellectual giants in which the Hall has been blessed with, the political arena is still a point where our lion is standing at the position of a rabbit. The symbol of the Hall has always been put into question when it comes to politics. A lion is always known for his doggedness, aggressive but vivacious leadership role in the animal kingdom, but have we lived up to this standard in terms of occupying political offices in the University of Ibadan, especially the Students’ Union? The last time we recorded a total success was during the 2014/15 SU elections, where we had and presented just a candidate, Mr. Adegoke Taiwo (Tcent), for the office of the Public Relations Officer. Since then, it has been either partial success or nothing at all.

During the 2015/16 elections, we had three aspirants; Kcent (President), Emperor (Treasurer) and Osas (House Secretary).  The Hall endorsed two of these aspirants, but just one (Emperor) won. The following session, 2016/17 elections, we had just two aspirants, Kcent and Osas, for the same office they had earlier aspired for but lost. While the former lost for the second time, the latter won, even though the former got the full support of the then stakeholders. Now this year, three contested and none emerged. A shame isn’t it?
The reasons for the triple loss could be based on several factors, and it is on this note that I would recommend what I consider the way forward.

TO SUBSEQUENT ASPIRANTS, I would recommend that you learn from the victory of the current President-Elect, Mr. Ojo Aderemi. One key factor that led to his victory at the poll was the ‘presence’ he always showed. Ojo carved a niche for himself and he has used it in achieving his goals. He is known for his stance against victimization and injustice, and he projects this through his constant write-ups posted especially on the official Facebook account of the Students’ Union. It is not compulsory that you must be as good as he is when it comes to writing, definitely not. But carve a niche for yourself and build on it. Be known by majority for something. Don’t just wake up from your damaged bunk one morning and claim to aspire for an office where you haven’t done anything in your own capacity to contribute to. This has been a major factor affecting most aspirants. Remember, leadership is not a position, it is an art. Rise now and start to do something before you seek others support to grant you ‘more’ powers to achieve such aspiration.

TO THE LEADERSHIP OF KENNETH MELLANBY HALL, I must state at first that I am not one of those who argue for the endorsement of candidates, as I believe ‘equal chances’ states a part of the University of Ibadan anthem. We are all Mellanbites before the origination of aspirations, as such endorsing one aspirant should imply that every aspirant should be endorsed. Whereas, we should note that aside from losing the three seats we aspired for in the just concluded election, we have lost the seat of the President on three consecutive elections that means ‘Back to Back to Back’. And in a case where a dog begins to bark, bark and bark without seeing anything, you would agree that it is high time the owner of such dog gave it a sleeping pill.




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