Adeyemi Ayeku

The Faculty of Technology, University of Ibadan defeated four different faculties in the Tech bilaterals that was organized by the Technology and Engineering Students Association Literary and Debating Society, University of Ibadan on the 5th of May, 2017.

The event which started few minutes past twelve at the Small Lecture Theatre, department of Petroleum Engineering witnessed the Faculty of Technology going head to head with Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Law, and defeating them all.

The first round was between Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Technology, and the topic was “Should Class Attendance be Mandatory in Tertiary Institutions?” The former contended against the topic, while the latter contended for the topic, and at the end, the judges were convinced based on the result 66.5%  and 83.5%  respectively that class attendance should be mandatory in tertiary institutions.
The second round was between the host faculty and the faculty of Basic Medical Sciences on the topic “Equal or Proportional Representation; the better form of representative legislature”. The host faculty with the total score of 66.3% ended up convincing their opponent who had 61% as well as the audience that proportional representation is the better form of representative legislature.

The war with wits and logic on whether “Community Service is a better alternative to imprisonment” between Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Technology came to an end with Faculty of Art who had a total score of 63% being defeated as well as convinced by the faculty of technology with a total of 80.17% that community service is not a better alternative to imprisonment for petty crimes.

The fourth and the most competitive round, according to results by the judges, with an interesting topic on “Use of Torture for Interrogation, justifiable or not” also ended up with the Faculty of Technology defeating the Faculty of Law with a 5point margin. The Faculty of Law who spoke against the topic had 72.5%, while the Faculty of Technology who spoke for the topic had 77.8%.    

At the end of the rounds, each of the 16 speakers that spoke was awarded a certificate of participation presented by the former President of the Association, Mr Ayinde Abiodun, and the event ended with the announcement of the results.


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