Owoyokun Dolapo

A Leadership Conference titled IGNITE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE was hosted by the Kenneth Mellanby Hall Executives in conjunction with Home Advantage Africa, on Thursday, 5th May, 2017 from about 11:30am at the Mellanby Hall cafeteria.

The conference was organised to enlighten mellanbites, especially final year students on certain issues cutting across leadership, self-esteem, productivity, relationships and other related issues.
The guest speakers who were the facilitators of the program were Mr. Tijani Mayowa, Miss Tiwa Adegbenro, Mrs Lanre Onasanya and Mr. Seun Fakorede.

Asides the guest speakers, the program was graced by certain personalities such as the Mellanby Hall Assistant Hall Wardens, Mellanby Hall Supervisor, mellanbites and queenites. The facilitators had the opportunity to address the audience for thirty minutes each. 

According to Mr. Tijani Mayowa, a graduate of the University of Ibadan, a former Editor-in-chief of the Mellanby Hall Press Oragnisation and a practising journalist at The Cable, in his speech on leadership, there will never be a world where we will not need hard work, diligence and strength of character. In his words he stated, “Leadership is influence”. He advised all present to always seek improvement, use social media to their advantage, be different and go the extra mile always. He further stated that in this world, the system expects default and basic knowledge of the computer, therefore, people need to change with the time.
The second speaker, Miss Tiwa Adegbenro a.k.a. Tiwa the Tailor spoke on the topic, Self-Esteem. She narrated her experience after she graduated as about how she worked in a media house and two banks before being sacked.

In her words, she stated, “I did not allow my sack keep me in the sack”. Miss Tiwa is in the tailoring business which according to her she learnt from her friend. She emphasised on the importance of the social media and how she used it to the advantage of her business. While recognising the grace of God and hard work as her backbone, she advised the audience to avoid being idle and to try to be better always. Miss Tiwa is a graduate of OAU.

The third speaker, Mrs Lanre Onasanya a.k.a. Aunty Lanre, speaking on the topic, “Creating Balance between Career and Relationship”, defined career to mean one’s purpose and passion. She stated that life brings enhancement and distraction, of which relationship belongs. According to her, when considering relationships, one should consider if it will one or make one better.

She recognised that relationship helps one to grow and establish oneself in the system. She advocated focus, planning, sacrificing, establishing boundaries and more importantly, cutting distractions, as key to success. Mrs Lanre is a graduate of the Lead City University and the CEO of the Aunty Lanre Initiative which focuses on children especially orphans and the less privileged.

The last speaker, Mr. Seun Fakorede, speaking on the topic,” Beyond the Walls”, stated that there is actually no wall but what one builds for oneself. 

In his words, he stated, “Don’t think outside the box because there is no box, just think”. According to him, the world has changed to becoming performance and result oriented, therefore, people should open their eyes and mind. He further stated that one needs two basic things in life to thrive, Revelation and Information.

He further stated, “Define your perception, otherwise your reception will be very poor”. He emphasised on three keys to success; individuality, clarity and conquering one’s locality.

The speeches were concluded with questions and answers from the audience which were duly done justice to by the speakers.


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