Dear mother, 

Am in heaven now

I so much wanted to be your little baby

But my want has been banned

From coming into existence

By your crewless act

I was excited when I started realizing my existence

I was in a dark place filled with mysteries

Yet I was comfortable.

In my innocent sole, you were the sole person I have

Emotion and feelings attached

I became the brain of the acts of your body.

When hope was fully grown and mature
Fate came with her claws, determined to cause dread.

 Like the speed of a light,

The trespasser appeared in my dark territory

And suddenly, the scene became an abattoir

And I the lamb slain.

Dear mother

My love for you is unending

Though never reciprocated

And my love birthed this piece to you

Know ye I could have been the joy of others

The answer to the prayer and fasting of many

So instead of what you did to me (abortion)

Consider a little word play in the ‘b and r’

Giving a viable solution-adoption

That will stop many from being where I am

And give them the chance to have a mother

Just like you do.



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