Ola, a 200 level student in the University of Ibadan, is always anxious to see his result and the results of other students at the end of each semester. He’s always on the lookout for the day the so called “book of life” will be released, and thereafter sits down comfortably to carefully examine the performance of the students, especially his course mates. But the truth is that Ola has no genuine reason for doing this. The only reason is just to consider his position amidst other selected people in his class. They are actually three.

In 100 level, Ola had this mentality that since he graduated from one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria- Federal Government Academy, Suleja, Niger State, where he was the best in his set, which none of his class mates had the opportunity to attend, then no one should be able to withstand him in competition as regards their result. With this in mind, he was convinced and rest assured that he would be the best in the class. 

On the 24th of November, 2014, the first semester examination result came out. Being an anxious fellow, Ola immediately got the copy of the so called ‘Book of Life’ on his phone, and constructively with all sense of seriousness analyzed the result of his class. He did well of course- 6.8, but he wasn’t happy at all because there were three other students who made the highest G.P one can ever make in the University of Ibadan-7.0. And with this, Ola made up his mind to beat these three sets of people before the end of the first year – 100l. He did not stop there; he proceeded to know their matric numbers so as to continuously monitor them.

However, before gaining admission into University of Ibadan, Ola had heard from different people following enquiries he made as regards the course he would like to study, that the course is a very difficult one; and that it’s very hard to make a first class, even at the end of the first year, not to talk of graduating with a first class. Ola made up his mind to make a 6.4 at the end of his first year. He wrote it down plainly, put it on the wall of his room, and worked toward achieving it. He achieved his goal beyond expectation by making a 6.7, but he wasn’t happy because three other students topped the class.
Like Ola is, so are many of us. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to cram the matric numbers of some certain students in our class, and whenever any result is released, we look at ours and the peoples’, whose matric numbers we’ve crammed. If we do better than them, we think we are successful in that area. But that’s wrong, and it’s even bad. Success is achieving your goal and not necessarily beating others. Some might be of the opinion that such is done out of competition. But that’s still wrong because the true definition of competition is not when you beat others; rather, it is when you beat yourself by raising your standard.



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