Victor Vikky Simon Murana is a 300level student of the Department of Geography, Faculty of the Social Sciences. He had his breakthrough into the entertainment scene on campus during the 2016/2017 session with his first single, Angel of My Life. In this interview with Mellanby Hall Press Organisation’s Olayinka Oladosu, he talks about his just released song, Ride in My Lambo, and his plans for the future. Enjoy!
I am Olayinka Oladosu, Mellanby Hall Press Entertainment Editor. So, who is Vikky Simon?

My real names are Victor Simon Murana. Im a 300level student of the department of Geography, Faculty of the Social Sciences. I am from a family of five, my parents, myself and two younger siblings. That’s it.

So, that’s how you got Vikky Simon?

Vikky was nicked from Victor. Yes! I had a funny stage name before- Vizkid.

(Laughs)You channeled it after Wizkid, didn’t you?

Yes, thats right.

You have a unique style.  How would you describe your type of music?

I basically do Afro Pop. But I do dancehalls at times, like Ragga.

So, what inspired you to start music?

I have had a great passion for music since childhood. My dad likes music a lot. So, he plays different records all the time. I got accustomed to music by listening to the records my dad played back then. But then, I really didn’t think of becoming an artiste. The thought of me being an artiste came to me when I was in secondary school. There was a group of guys that produced songs together then. My music career started in secondary school when the same group – they called themselves YDMG – was missing a member when in the studio the day they wanted to record. Because of this, I had to fill in for the guy. And when the track came out, it made sense and I felt why not. That’s it
So, you got influenced by your dad?

Yeah, sort of

So, what’s your first official single?

That’s Angel of My Life. I released it last year.

So, about Ride in My Lambo, it’s quite different from your previous tracks. How did you come up with the song?

(Thinks) Funny story! I woke up and since I don’t have a car yet, I started imagining things. The inspiration for the track came to me when I was in the bathroom, seriously. like a LamborghiniAnd the lyrics just came along with it. Me I want Lamborghini o! The title came to me as the result of my imagination (laughs). Just like that!

Funny story, indeed! Many great ideas come in the bathroom.

Yeah, I cant stop laughing! and when you are not thinking hard.

So, what’s Ride in My Lambo about?

The track is about a guy and a girl liking each other but not showing it. But the guy gets a Lambo and they clicked.

Oooshey! With Lambo, all things are possible.

(Laughs) Sure thing! Me wey I no con get Keke Napep not to talk of Lambo nko!

(Laughs) Lambo will come. Vikky Simon, you’ve been in the U. I music scene for roughly a year now, how has the experience been?

Naso! Naso! It has been fun. U.I students always appreciate their own artistes whether you are a good artiste or not. They’ve made the experience really good. At every show in U.I I’ve performed at, they have shown much love and that’s what keeps me going.

And how have the girls been treating you? Or you are the one treating them?

(Laughs) I’ve been under the radar for a while now. I’ve been in the shadows of other top U.I artistes, so, I’ve not really gotten much attention.

Well, I’m sure Ride in My Lambo will give you that attention. So, you have three singles already. Any plan for a music video?

Yeah, there is. But we are still deliberating on the track to shoot a video for.

So, “owo na fi n do something”. How do you come up with finance for your studio sessions?

Walai! God provides.

What do you think about entertainment on U.I campus?

Its alright, I think. We have a lot of talented entertainers here: dancers, musicians, comedians, poets etc. A lot of them! So, I think its great here.

So, are your parents in support of your music career?

Yes, but they are not sponsoring me.

So, music or Geography? Which will you finally settle for?

(Laughs) Music eventuallyif everything works out as planned, music.

All the best, man! So, where should we expect Vikky Simon to be in the next five years?

In the next five years, I see myself working with guys like Legendury Beatz, Maleek Berry and artistes like Wizzy, Davido and them A-List artistes cause I will also be an A-List artiste then.

Wow! That’s quite a big dream. So, any words for your fans?

(Thinks and laughs) I am not famous yet. Me sef I am looking for words from peeps I look up to but I go by the philosophy- work hard, ball a little. Work harder, ball a little more.

Well, thank you very much for your time, Vikky Simon!

Thanks for the interview!


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