“Leadership is not about warfare, it’s more of dialogue” 

“The Supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”

In the exact words of The Students’ Union President on the 9th of May, 2017, during the inaugural speech delivered at Trenchard Hall:

“As from today, ladies, use electric appliances in the kitchenettes. If anybody stops you, report to the Students’ Union. “We will push for the welfare of students on campus through the welfare board, mind you, we will push for it”, this only shows in my honest view that the president doesn’t have any intention of going diplomatic with the managements.

It’s been said that the best form of attack is defense. But Ojo Aderemi flouted this basic principle by neglecting what ought to be defended and defending what in the first place ought not to be the first priority.

What if Ojo had just acknowledge that provision of the student handbook permitting the use of electrical appliances, but didn’t stop there, but further acknowledged that the use of electrical appliances was banned because of some events like one which took place in 2012, that almost caused a disaster, and the banning was a law quashing the provision in the student handbook?

What if Ojo just played on emotion by pleading with the management that such should be allowed considering the fact that there is recession and the reason lots of Uite ladies do not eat beans regularly is because of what the cost of kerosene says, and then went ahead to explain why the management to see such from the perspective of the students?

What if Ojo in the first chance he had of creating a first impression makes the management understands that he will always go for dialogue first, and thereafter, other means…? However, the battle line has been drawn. Ojo has been advised to pick his battle and war strategy by the management fairly whether by locking the school gate or whatever. 

Ladies actually have little to lose in this sour event because their default means of cooking is kerosene stove, but Mellanbites and fellow occupants of male halls, we are in this mess. We are in this war, and we can’t but choose a side or be neutral. Whatever our stance, we are definitely going to be affected by the outcome of the war. If the students’ union achieves their aim, so be it for us. And if we are banned from using same, then we join the ladies in their position if we are to avoid SDC letters being served on us.

It’s so sad that my last piece on this board is on this important but lamentable event. Just a quick advice. We all know that the country is in recession. We know that the price of kerosene is high. We are also aware of the fact that without food, there is practically nothing that can be done academically. Also, the presence of food does not automatically mean that we are bound to eat. The food must be cooked. And there are things we use in achieving this, of which the most common is electric cooker. I know it will be hard for us to start abiding by the rule of not using it. But the fear of SDC letter is the beginning of wisdom. So, your wisdom in knowing when to cook and when not to, and your ability to be vigilant is key. A word is enough for the wise. 

Lastly, exams are here. You must pay the price. But will you like to pay now or play later or play now and play letter? Choose the one that is good for you, but just know the former is always the better choice.

Till we meet again, I always remain



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