Better is the end of a thing, than the beginning thereof”— Biblical Aphorism

Sometimes earlier this year, fresh men and stalites were looking forward to resumption. Fast forward to some weeks after resumption, we were shocked to hear that the accommodation process is now manual, due to whatever reason we did not know. School fees schedule was not released until when lectures had started, the innocent fresh men had it rough, as they had to hustle between faculty, departmental, and hall registration; not forgetting to mention that they had to register their courses while they attended classes.

Generally, the whole student populace had it rough this time around, and it is no news that although this great university can be called the first, it has undoubtedly lost its place as the best. It is a sad news to hear that till this very moment, some students somewhere have just gotten their accommodation approved by the ‘authorities’, yet the university expects such students to perform well, when it is obvious that such students are not settled while attending lectures.

We all know what we went through as students of the premier university when the Non Academic Staff Union decided to embark on a strike action. We lost about two weeks of lectures, as our esteemed elders blocked the gates, and even stopped vehicles from moving freely on campus. Which resulted in many who stay off campus coming late to class, and the astonishing thing is that lecturers still held class, with some going to the extent of conducting tests, saying that students have become lazy, and have decided not to attend classes, not considering the fact that some have to trek from the school gate to their different faculties.

We are not in a haste to forget those days when we did not have light, hence, we had to source for funds within ourselves to fuel the generator, so as to pump water, which eventually is not enough for the residents of the hall. Thus we had to go as far as the Catholic Church to get water. It is very important to note the struggles of our brethren in the other part of the school, those who had to go as far as Awo hall to get water. We have not forgotten the stench oozing out of our toilets at that time, nor have we forgotten the fact that we had to endure the repulsive smell emanating from our brethren who decided to stab the act of taking their bath, when the weather was hot.

Nor have we forgotten about the ASUU warning strike that followed all these. We have not forgotten that our ever efficient vice chancellor warned us that if we want to graduate this year(for the finalists), we have to remain calm, and his statement implied that we had to put up with whatever we were given, we had to obey all rules given, even if it does not go down well with us. In essence, we were implored at the start of session to be calm, even if we suffer unjustly. The irony of the matter is that, students were asked to comply with directives of the school, so that the school year will start and end this year, yet it was members of the same body, who gave the rules, that were found defaulting in the rules they gave us. Another irony in this matter is that our amiable vice chancellor was silent throughout these happenings, and one is forced to wonder if our vice chancellor acted as a role model to the president of this country, who is well known to always keep quiet during times of crises.

Fast forward to the swearing in ceremony, of the current SU executives, where a lot of drama ensued between some parties, and some others. The major drama that concerns the students as a body is the tactical exchange of words between some principal officers of the school and the SU president. We have been advised that if we want to go home, we should lock the school gates. We have been strongly warned not to use hotplates again, when the school is not even giving us stipends to buy kerosene. We can only watch with bated breath as we watch this drama unfold, even though many students have vowed to be passive, as they have forgotten that any decision we acquiesce to will affect generations to come.

We just hope that the next semester will not be as bad as this one, we hope we would not resume to tales that faculty, departmental and even hall weeks have been cancelled. We hope to hear better news than that we have heard this time around.

From Mellanby Hall Press Organisation, we wish you a successful examination, and an eventful break in advance. 


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