By— Nurudeen

It is absurd 
It is moribund 

In this 21st Century 

In this era of democracy 

For a government 

To rule with autocracy

I always wonder 

What do they think of us as inferior?

We are humans 

We have the right to speak 

We can’t just sit and watch 

It can’t be for us without us

We are not too small 

To be involved in running our affairs 

This is no more an era of dogmatism

Where elders decide the younger’s fate

Where girls are given into marriage

out of their will 

This is a civilized environment 

We respect the constituted authority 

But our rights should not be tampered 

They claim to be our Loco parentis

Where is the parental care? 

Where is the fair hearing? 

Where is diplomacy? 

We refuse to be fools 

We refuse to be gullible 

Alumni are saying 

“This is not the UI we used to know”

Past regimes were not like this 

A leadership like that of Bamiro

Is what we crave 

Let there be change!
Say NO to an autocratic leadership!

Say NO to students victimization!


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