By— Ilepe Oluwatimileyin

Prima facie, when the homosapien viewed himself 

From the mirror of good conscience, 

thought and reasoning he said to himself, 

this is the beginning of an end. 

Life was reviewed to him as a child, 

stream of consciousness and end to all naivety. 

He pursued life like the squirrel’s chaser.
Journey began slowly but steady,through noise 

And smelly environment of creche till nursery school. 

There I said to myself, I have arrived at the end of my education, not knowing that there is still another beginning to my end. 
Spring of tears gushing from my eyes when… told me that I still have secondary class to pass through. 

Tedious work with groping heart, I saw myself through till SS3 ,took the almighty examinations and said confidently, *this is the end*,not knowing that my end still has a beginning.
The almighty JAMB advertised itself by depressed candidate. I asked myself, when is the end going to come? 

University! here I come. 
One thing must never happen —‘protest’ ‘strike’

Two menace I always avoided which has been the tradition.

Settled I in school, disturbed by the waves of warning strike 
Water! Light! Food!,just for warning strike. 

Now, what I fear most  finally caught me unaware.

What can ever be the outcome of Congress? Protest

What can ever be the outcome of protest? Strike.
Now the wind of strike is all over the campus. 

Won’t the beginning become an end? 

We lay ambush till the day  you will come before us. 

Is this not the end? 

There is still going to be a beginning to this end.


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