​OUR FREEDOM: Paving Way for Success or Harvest of Sins

By—- Ocean

One of the greatest ends of human productivity is freedom. Freedom itself is not evil; in fact it encompasses success in every life or endeavor. However, the concept, freedom, becomes evil when we do not know what essence it serves, thus, leading to the endangering of man’s life.

In philosophy, philosophers distinguished between human being and human persons, all human persons are human beings but not all human beings are human persons. These distinguishing factors should be taken seriously; in fact it should be our priority in defining who we wish to be. The factors are rationality, good inter-personal relationship and virtues.

At the University of Ibadan, it is saddening that we could not find a complete wellness of these factors. ‘A mind that knows is a mind that is free’ says a part of our anthem, but rather than have the preachings and actions geared toward freedom, the students of the University of Ibadan are made to be dogmatic in their dealings.

The University of Ibadan authority has denied us of our precious right. It is high time we stood for what belongs to us. Dear readers, please critically examine this analogy .The University has over 10 faculties, in each of these faculties at least we should find 3 to 7 buildings, in each of this buildings we also find 3 to 11rooms, and in each of these rooms, we should find at least 6 rooms that uses air conditioner, television, water boiler and so on. They make use of these electrical appliances for a minimum of 5-working days. The usage of all these appliances should consume high power.

The Management and members of the academic staff of the University enjoy in their cool offices filled with air conditioner, enjoys their tea, watching various programs on television, laughing hysterically when watching Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood films. But common hotplate, students must not use. The University authority has denied us of our freedom; we are not given fair hearing; change needs to be effected; students of the University of Ibadan refuse to be silent.

The University management has invited the fist of a wounded lion. We will never forget our brothers who were victimized unjustly. Freedom of speech has become a bait for students on campus. We cannot keep quiet and suffer, especially on things we paid for. Students do not have a means of identification; we cannot apply for scholarships, we cannot even open a bank account and sadly, someone can impersonate our identity to carry out various acts without consent .The University ship is about to sink, if we do not take a step we will forever step on the path of ignorance and discomfort, nonetheless we still maintain our standard— First and Best.

More so, the University as a whole, both students and management must come to good terms for the betterment and progressive academic pursuit in the University. The chain of communication which facilitates success must never be broken; we should maintain things in accordance. This reminds me of one of my greatest strategist, SUN TZU, who said strategy without tactics is the lowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. The arrow and the bow perform different functions, but when they come together they become a sophisticated weapon. Let’s bring back our ingredients of human person. One of the duos that is, the University management or the so called Students’ Union might have misplaced some of these characteristics mentioned earlier.

The actions of others will never be a surprise to me again be it a positive or negative. A wise man says “many are destined to reason wrongly, some are not to reason at all, few persecute those who reason”. As a teleololgist, if any action or decision does not bring goodness or pleasure, it is nothing but a waste. At the end of this game, our grievances might be a boomerang.

Till then, we can now justify if our freedom is paving way for success or an avenue to harvest our sins.


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