“As our case is new, we must think and act anew”—–Abraham Lincoln.
Everything unveiled just like a fantasy, the issue escalated just within four days in a twinkle of an eye. It is just so surprising, students unionism has landed us into problem once again. This issue has become an annual occurrence which always place students as the most affected party in the so called tug of war with the Management.

Last session it was “Freemote” saga this year it is “Free our ID Cards” protest and all these have always resulted to no other end than this annual compulsory home call called strike which consequently and compulsorily add several weeks culminating into months to the school calendar.

It is a known fact that many issues spring up per time, but what makes the difference is our approach to such issues and this is the basic general truth. This issue of annual strike has become so overwhelming, to the extent that it has become a source of stigma to the University community as a whole. It has placed the university on the national scene of the current disturbing happenings in the nation. This issue with no doubt has called great attention and it is still calling for more elaborate scrutiny, if not, worse and more complicated issue should be expected.

As earlier said, special attention is needed, however, as sensitive as the issue might be, it should be addressed with patience. This is why, the conservative approach that is well rooted in intellectualism is a big suggestion for the Students’ union as a whole. In the purview of intellectual conservative approach to the issue on ground it is believed that even when there is a struggle between the students and the management, that should not always ipso facto (by mere fact) land us into unwanted delay by strike actions.

It is a heart burden that major strikes like this should not always be the result of any struggle with the management. Though it cannot be disputed that crises like this will always come up per time but the underlining factor still remains that as our case is new, we must think and act anew, that is, there is always a better way out of some issues.

Now, let us take a look at an instance of the hardship this our uncultured strike is working against us as students, because sometimes the ignorance of the effect of something most times don’t allow us to think and act in a better way. Let take the Law students for example, at the beginning of the session it was proposed consequent upon the school calendar that it will be possible for the 500 level law students to enter law school this same year, but due to the additional two weeks from both NASU and ASUU strike the dream of law school for the 500 level students was frustrated just like that.

Now coupled with this seven weeks strike and if unfortunately, the trend continues like this many law students will have to wait for one or two years before entering into law school. This is just an instance out of other hardships caused by this strike palaver, and even most of our mates in private universities will graduate earlier than we will do.
Let even consider the theme of the aluta struggle which says “aluta continua victoria e certa”. The urgent question is that though this approach was employed by our forefathers and it granted them victory over any stronghold in those days but now how many victories have been recorded in favour of this approach? In the “free mote” saga, it was employed and nothing was done, mote wasn’t freed we only went home without any tangible effect and even considering the current issue, the positive should not be expected, we will only be surprised to resume writing the exam without those ID cards we clamoured for.

So the conclusion remains that as our case is different we must think and act anew by employing the more intellectual conservative approach that seeks intellectual negotiation with the management. 

However, someone will say, we actually had the negotiation but to be frank many of our negotiations lacked intellectualism and are often driven by the main back up of resulting to full fledge protest under the umbrella of aluta struggle, but I can say our aluta struggle coupled with persistent intellectual negotiations can always give us the victoria e’certa we indeed desire because as our case is new we must think and act anew.


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