By–Owoyokun Dolapo
The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan celebrated her 30th year of existence in UI in a grand style. The event which was organised on Saturday, July 29, 2017, at Trenchard Hall, commenced at about 11:25am. The event was chaired by Mr, Ropo Ewenla, representing Mr. John Anikulapo, Former Editor, The Guardian Newspaper and hosted by Mr. Arowosafe Samuel, the President, Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ), U.I.

The event majorly featured a lecture titled, “The Fourth Estate and The State: The Crucial Intersection” which was delivered by Mr. Mobolaji Ajani,  the current Chief People Officer of the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, as well as the induction of new members for the 2016/2017 session.

In his lecture, Mr. Mobolaji Ajani identified the hallmark of UCJ as that which creates light when there is none. He defined a state as a nation or territory considered as an organised political community under the government. He further identified the fourth estate as a 230-year-old concept which refers to a segment of the society that wields a significant influence on the society.

Mr. Mobolaji highlighted that the state and the fourth estate include the executive, legislature, judiciary and the press as they all have their constitutional roles entrenched in the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He further stated that the constitutional role of the fourth estate is very critical as it serves as the watchdog of the three other estates.
Mr. Mobolaji identified the purpose of the lecture as an endeavour to recognise the point where the press connects with the three arms of government. He highlighted the role of the fourth estate to include serving the political and economic system, informing the public and protecting the rights of citizens. At this point, he advised UCJ U.I. to take advantage of the economic system to become financially independent. Also, he highlighted the duties of the state to citizens to include provision of security, adequate welfare, quality education, job and livelihood to citizens.

The Guest Lecturer, Mr. Mobolaji Ajani identified the various obstacles to the functioning and the development of the fourth estate while recalling that UCJ U.I. was not part of the arm of the Students’ Union until 10 years after its establishment. He also charged the fourth estate to be factual in their reports and objective in the publishing of stories.

Mr. Mobolaji emphatically identified the crucial intersection between the fourth estate and the state as that of a symbiotic relationship geared towards the development of the nation. He rounded off his lecture, advising that UCJ, U.I., can only be independent if they add commercial value to their creative journalism which is the hall mark of innovation.

The anniversary/induction ceremony was graced by the presence of the pioneer President, UCJ U.I, Mr. Bayo Ajala, the President, National Union of Campus Journalist, Mr. Ibrahim Alawode, former presidents and vice presidents UCJ, U.I, alumni of UCJ, U.I, and students of the University of Ibadan. The ceremony was rounded off by the taking of oath of induction by the inductees and presentation of awards to outstanding members.

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