About four thieves armed witj cutlasses have been reported to have invaded the finalist block ( C-Block) of the Obafemi Awolowo hall in the early hours of today.

According to a report by Awo Hall Press Organisation, the thieves gained access into the hall through a hole they made on the fence.

It was also reported that occupants of rooms thirteen and fourteen on the block were major victims of the incident, adding that a lady had a little cut during the process, as the thieves carted away with phones and laptops.

News men at the scene questioned some of the victims as one said, ” we locked the door from inside but they broke into the room by kicking the door”.  Others lamented about the poor state of the doors.  

Most of the people interviewed said they didn’t hear the robbers breaking the wall,but became aware of the robbers presence when the victims raised alarm.

The lady security was said to have seen the thieves and called for reinforcement, but help came after the thieves had left.

The report added that the Dean of students, Prof. A.T.P Ajuwape and the Chief Security Officer of the University visited the scene of the incident and expressed dismay over the state of the locks in the rooms, promising to act in effect.

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