Haleem Olatunji

Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer and performer, Mr. Olawale Ashimi (Brymo) has said that we live in a world where success is no longer determined by the number of certificates at an individual’s disposal but how creative such individual is, in the process of getting things done.
Brymo said this while addressing students of the University of Ibadan at the Arts Theatre in the institution, on 7th August 2016, which was the last day of the Red Carpet Speaker Series 2017, organised by the Faculty of Arts.

He informed students that the teachings they get within the confines of the Ivory tower will be the building block for other things in the labor market, however, he admitted that little of it would be required as time goes on. He further urged the students to learn as much as they can while in school, so that application would be easy when they graduate.

“Everything you were taught here will be the building block, but out there, you would use little and little of it”, he said.

Brymo while narrating his story with the students and staff of the University mentioned that money is not the major factor for success, but investing one’s time in getting better in whatever an individual does is the route to success. He mentioned that talent is different from the actual work. Brymo appreciated the people for showing him love as he said the love he gets is what motivates him to do more.

“It is the love that you show me that keeps moving me forward. You revive my energy”, he said.

The guest of the event, Oyo State Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Toye Arulogun, while addressing students informed them of the need to know what they want and how to achieve them. He advised students to have a clear mind on what they want to achieve in life before leaving the Ivory towers for the outside world. He further urged students to participate actively in governance at different levels.

“You fight for power, whether it is political power, economic power, fight for it. The old generation will not leave it, you have to wrestle for it. You cannot take over from outside, you must go in there to have it”, he said.

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