Aboluwarin Bukola and Haleem Olatunji

TED, a global non-profit organization devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short powerful talks, has officially launched an independent club at the Nigeria’s premier institution, University of Ibadan.

The licensee of the TEDxUI, Mr. Offordum Dozie, made this known during a press conference which was graced by a number of press men from different press organizations and also from the general body of campus Journalists, the Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ), on the 10th of August 2017.

According to Mr. Offordum, the foundation president of the TEDxUI club, the success of the TEDxUI event which was held on the 5th August 2017, amidst the numerous challenges that occurred contributes to the need for the establishment of a formal organisation where the doctrines of TED will be promoted.

“We thought it wise to institutionalize the TED culture of “idea worth sharing” in this premier institution, the University of Ibadan”, he said.
It should be noted that TED began in 1984 at a conference where Technology, entertainment and design converged, however, today it covers almost all topics from science to business to global issues. According to Mr. Offordum, the TEDx Club although exists in few climes all over the world, the launch of the TedxUI club is the first of its kind in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

He added that the TEDxUI club will provide a platform where the members can pull ideas together in order to positively affect their immediate community; the University.

The President informed pressmen present that the next event of TEDxUI Club will be the organising of  ‘TEDxUI Women’ event which has been scheduled to hold in the first week of November, 2017.
Furthermore, it was established at the conference by the official statement of pioneer president that the membership of TEDxUI club will be open to all students of tube University who meet the criteria. So, all Students are free to apply in so far they are not in their final year and with minimum required CGPA and coupled with other criteria which the pioneer president promised to be made public soon.

While answering questions from present Pressmen, the pioneer President emphasized the connection between TEDxUI and the global TED organization as he said the TEDxUI is modelled after the global TED organization and the TEDxUI duly have an account on the global TED organization website, http://www.TED.com. He further said the recruitment will start very soon and forms will be out as soon as possible, while the criteria involved will also be made available.

Interested members and the entire members of the University community are enjoined to visit the official website of TEDxUI club, http://www.TEDxUI.com, and also their various social media platforms; Instagram @realTEDxUI; Twitter @realtedxUI; Facebook @ TEDxUnibadan; for constant updates on the activities of TEDxUI club, the first of its kind.

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